ISSN 2296-9020 (Print) & ISSN 2296-9039 (Electronic)

VOLUME 2, p. 1-413


T. Huang - L. Liu - Y. Luo - C. Wang :  Heat flow of extrinsic biharmonic maps from a four dimensional manifold with boundary  1

S. Barile : Existence and multiplicity for  quasi-critical fourth order quasilinear  problems   with generalized vanishing potentials  37

F. Gmeineder :  Symmetric--Convex Functionals of Linear Growth  59

L. M. De Cave - F. Oliva : On the regularizing effect of some absorption and singular lower order terms in classical Dirichlet problems with $L^1$ data   73

J. Naumann : Existence of weak solutions of an unsteady thermistor system with p-Laplacian type equation   87

V. Ambrosio : Infinitely many periodic solutions for a fractional problem under perturbation  105

J.I. Diaz - D. Gomez-Castro - C. Timofte : The effectiveness factor of reaction-diffusion equations: homogenization and existence of optimal pellet shapes  119

G. Devillanova :  Multiscale weak compactness in metric spaces  131

H. Guo - F. Hamel :  Monotonicity of bistable transition fronts in $\mathbb{R}^N$   145

E. DiBenedetto - U. Gianazza - V- Vespri :
Remarks on Local Boundedness and Local H\"older Continuity of Local Weak Solutions to Anisotropic p-Laplacian Type Equations   157

I. Birindelli - F. Demengel : Existence and regularity results for fully nonlinear operators on the model of  the  pseudo  Pucci's operators   171

D. Torrejon - M. Emelianenko - D. Golovaty :  Continuous time random walk based theory for a one-dimensional coarsening model  189

S. N. Antontsev -  J.I. Diaz :
Finite speed of propagation and waiting time for local solutions of degenerate equations in viscoelastic media or heat flows with memory  207

G. Cimatti :
A boundary value problem for a nonlinear elliptic system relevant in general relativity  217

G. C. G. Dos Santos - G. M. Figueiredo : 
Positive solutions for a class of nonlocal problems involving Lebesgue and generalized spaces : scalar and system cases  235

J. Dolbeault - M. J.~Esteban - M. Loss :
Interpolation inequalities, nonlinear flows, boundary terms, optimality and linearization   267

Y. Du - B. Lou - M. Zhou :
Spreading and Vanishing for Nonlinear Stefan Problems in High Space Dimensions  297

F. J. S.A. Corr\^ea - A. C. dos Reis Costa : 
Nonlocal Neumann Problem with Critical Exponent from the Point of View of the Trace  323

M. Bildhauer - M. Fuchs - J. M\"uller - C. Tietz :
On the solvability in Sobolev spaces and related regularity results for a variant of the TV-image recovery model: the vector-valued case   341

S. N. Antontsev - I. V. Kuznetsov :
Singular perturbations of forward-backward p-parabolic equations  357

M. Plum - W. Reichel :
A breather construction for a semilinear Curl-Curl wave equation with radially symmetric coefficients  371

V. Derkach - A. Novick-Cohen - A. Vilenkin :
Grain boundary migration with thermal grooving effects: a numerical approach  389